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Another day another interview on GC! bitches. That’s how we roll. Today I am very pleased to publish an interview I did with indy comic book sensation Dan Mendoza. Dan Mendoza is the creator and creative force behind the indy fan-favorite comic book Zombie Tramp.

Thank you Dan for taking the time!

GEEKCITING!: If I’m not mistaken you originally put out Zombie Tramp on your own, independently. What motivated you to join the ranks of Action Lab?

Dan Mendoza: Zombie Tramp #1 came out at the SDCC in 2009. It was a single issue. I had never exhibited at a con before but Jason Martin, who I had only talked to on the internet, liked my stuff and had an extra ticket to the con so I printed up about 80 books and sat at Jason’s table. I sold them all in the first 3 days.

After that Jason told me that if I wanted to make more books he would help me with the technical parts such as printing formats and getting the comic books bar coded for stores. After that we were kind of a team. Sometime later Action Lab hired Jason to start a new mature readers label, Danger Zone. To decide to come aboard was a cinch. It was an opportunity to put Zombie Tramp into more stores, comiXology and over all to get more exposure.


GC!: Jason Martin, your co-writer on Zombie Tramp, has recently successfully launched a Kickstarter project for which you did a variant cover. Is Kickstarter a platform you would take into consideration for future projects?

DM: Yes. I have a lot of projects constantly swimming around in my head. A few that I will be starting soon. Kickstarter is a great platform to announce projects, show sneak peaks and get fundings.

GC!: Zombie Tramp is a pretty mature, edgy comic book. What kind of comic books are you personally interested in reading?

DM: I stopped reading super hero comics for a while now. Not to say that I’ve grown out of them it’s just that there is so much going on with them. I would have to buy all the crossovers and origins each and every time they reboot a character. I like to keep my superhero books in the 90’s. When I do buy books it’s always in TPB format so I can get the whole story at once. Currently I am reading Hellboy, Samurai Jack and I’m also re-reading Dragon Ball in color.

GC!: Action Lab recently released a Zombie Tramp/Vampblade crossover. What other horror comic book character would you like to see cross Zombie Tramp’s way?

DM: I would love to have a crossover with any of the horror movie icons. As far as comic book characters go, Hellboy of course. Spawn, Hack/Slash, Ash from the Army of Darkness books, Lady Death and maybe Purgatory.


GC!: What was to you, as a creator and an artist, the highlight of your career so far?

DM: This year’s WonderCon I think. I left my table for about an hour to take part in an Action Lab panel and when I returned there was a big crowd of fans waiting at my table to get signatures. They actually came back exactly one hour later to meet me and get signatures. It’s a good feeling.

GC!: You have a very cartoony almost manga-ish drawing style not often seen in horror comic books. What artists inspired you the most growing up?

DM: Anatomy wise: Jim Lee, Shirow Masamune and Satoshi Urushihara. Other artists for their storytelling skills would be Yukito Kishiro and maybe Frank Miller. My influences are a little heavier on the Japanese side.

GC!: What can your ever-growing fan base expect from you in the forseeable future?

DM: As Zombie Tramp gets into her 2nd year of her monthly series expect a few crossovers and also a few new titles created by me that I hope you’ll love as much as Janey Belle.

Thanks again Dan! Make sure to support Dan Mendoza and his crazy creations. This most macabre adventure has just begun. For all things Zombie Tramp and Dan Mendoza make sure to like the official Zombie Tramp Facebook page HERE.

-Paulo Costa-