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I remember a time where every newly announced comic book adaptation was followed by a certain unpleasant anxiety. Daredevil. Elektra. Catwoman. Ghost Rider. Spawn. Fantastic Four... Yep, the fear was real and more than justified. And then in 2008 Marvel Studios released a movie that would change the game altogether: Iron Man. Sure there have been good, even great comic book adaptations before Iron Man but good ol’ shellhead single-handedly changed the perception and opinion people had on comic books, their adaptations and the financial and artistic potential those movies could have. Fast forward to 2012. The Avengers is released worldwide and is not only a huge hit among die-hard comic book fans but also an astronomical financial success. Deservingly so. The Avengers is a phenomenal movie. A perfect comic book adaptation. A 10/10. It is the movie we have all been waiting for growing up. A geek’s wet dream. A dream that became a reality. Jeez I’m such a fanboy…

Of course they were going to do a sequel. Duh. The anticipation has been killing fans around the world for years now. The expectations towards Avengers: Age of Ultron are colossal and (at least in the comic book medium) unprecedented. Let’s be honest nobody is likely to be content with an ”ok” Avengers movie. Nobody.

Let me get this out straight ahead, Avengers: Age of Ultron is fucking amazeballs! Where to begin? I don’t even know…

I’m a freaking comic book purist so when people change things up for the movies I usually hate it. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch not being mutants is tolerable for obvious reasons but Ultron being created by the ”Science Bros” aka Tony Stark and Bruce Banner instead of being a Hank Pym creation? Well that… that kind of pissed me off. But even that is played out so well that it kind of makes perfect sense and brings the story forward in the most satisfying way you could think of. I’m not gonna lie they did change some things here in there. But you know what? I don’t even care anymore, all the changes are so well made, so exceedingly well executed that they all feel natural and an enhancement to the core of each and every character and what they are supposed to represent.

The action scenes are… boy them action scenes are explosive. It’s incredible. Obviously those Hulkbuster vs Hulk scenes are pretty impressive, I had goosebumps watching that shit, but believe me when I tell you that those fight scenes are not the only time you’ll have a geek boner watching Age of Ultron. Yes you’ve read that right a geek boner. Let’s just move on shall we?

I don’t know how Joss Whedon does it, truth be told I don’t fucking care. All I know is that he is a living fucking legend. He is worthy. Shit he is so worthy of all the faith and trust everyone at Marvel Studios and each and every one of us put in him he could wield that Mjolnir hammer any time any day. To see him part ways with the Marvel Cinematic Universe is truly heartbreaking. Understandable but heartbreaking. He could go on and make a ton of money doing these Avengers movies for as long as he wants to but then again he would be just that. ”That” Avengers dude. Oh I am very much looking forward to what the Russo brothers will bring to the table for Avengers: Infinity War but Whedon… yeah Whedon just had that special something. That special something that makes you love each and every character even more with every new scene they are in.

Whedon once again manages to deliver a bombastic high-caliber blockbuster without omitting the more down-to-earth side of each and every superhero portrayed to perfection by everyone involved. While being the world’s mightiest heroes these characters do all have fears, desires… emotions they need to live out. For us to believe and care for these characters we need to be able to relate to them. The genius of Joss Whedon is to show us these god-like characters under a different, more human light (take note DC and Warner Bros.). This is something Joss Whedon is remarkably good at filming.

What can I say? I loved every bit of Avengers: Age of Ultron. As much as I am looking forward to Batman v Superman… I don’t see anyone reaching this kind of comic book awesomeness anytime soon.

-Paulo Costa-