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Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Exists

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti… whatever you wanna call it. The possibility of a hominid-like creature living in the woods of North America, unseen, livin la vida loca style, is as fascinating as it foolish. Yet the lack of physical evidence does not put a stop to the believe some people seem to have that Bigfoot does in fact really inhabit the forests of North America. Oh America, land of all possibilities.

The name of the director, Eduardo Sánchez, may not immediately ring a bell but most of you are probably very familiar with at least one of his other films. Eduardo Sánchez is one of the directors of the infamous classic horror film The Blair Witch Project. While it may not be the first found footage movie to be filmed (Ruggero Deodato’s masterpiece Cannibal Holocaust is widely believed to be the first one) The Blair Witch Project is undoubtedly one of the most influential and succesful movies of that often criticised subgenre. Hell it worked once, why not try it again right? I mean The Blair Witch Project brought him fame and fortune… shouldn’t be any different the second time around right? ”Lightning never strikes the same place twice”… that old saying has never been more accurate.

Like with most found footage movies the story in Exists is paper-thin. On their way to a remote cabin in the woods a group of friends accidentally hit an up until then unidentified creature. Soon after that most bizarre occurrence all involved start hearing eerie noises that will soon turn out to be emitted by the legendary creature Bigfoot. This ain’t your Harry and the Hendersons kind of Bigfoot. Too bad bitches. Bigfoot not happy. Bigfoot smash.

First things first: I usually don’t like found footage movies. The Blair Witch Project was brilliant and the possibility of Bigfoot existing has always been intriguing to me. And voilà, those are the two only reasons for me to check out Exists. Don’t get me wrong I was kind of excited to finally check this movie out, it sounded like a cool idea. Ultimately Exists is an extremely flawed movie and never, not even for one second, comes close to the cleverness of Eduardo Sánchez first venture into the found footage territory.

Exists starts out like a really cool flick and especially the moments where they start teasing the existence of the creature are very well filmed and yes even creepy. To me the movie would have been way more effective if they had kept the full look of the creature hidden. But they didn’t. The more they show us the less threatening and intimidating the creature gets. Bigfoot’s look in Exists is not the greatest and at moments looks cheap as fuck. Aren’t found footage movies known for not showing a whole lot of what is going on and leave space for one’s imagination anyways?

The actors while not being bad per se have zero charisma and not for once did I care for one of them. Go Bigfoot kill ’em all. KILL ‘EM ALL!

Re-reading my own review I noticed that Exists might come off as a bad movie, which it is not. It is just not the movie I wanted it to be. It is silly, ridiculous and not realistic for on bit but I still did not feel bored while watching it. What could have been a great movie will probably be a movie no one will be talking about in a couple of years months. While I was kind of entertained by it, Exists is not a movie I will be recommending anytime soon.

-Paulo Costa-