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March 29. Tétange/Luxembourg. The LuxCon has opened its doors for the second consecutive year. Booyaka! Geeks, nerds and everyone in between were waiting for this moment since last year’s inaugural festivities. We were ready. Ready for round 2… FIGHT!

As it turned out last year’s LuxCon was a bigger success than everybody could have envisioned. I am not going to lie, I myself never tought that a gathering like this could exist let alone survive for a second edition in good ol’ Luxembourg. Well those fuckers sure proved me wrong didn’t they? I had a lot of fun last year, let’s see what these guys had to offer this year.


First off let me tell you that I am not the biggest fantasy and science fiction nerd there is. To be honest my knowledge of the fantasy genre starts with The Lord of the Rings and stops with Game of Thrones. Well turns out that the LuxCon is a convention mostly devoted to all things fantasy and sci-fi. Which of course should not come off as something bad, I’m just pointing out that I am probably not part of the core target audience. I love me some fantasy movies, I love me some sci-fi… but probably not more than the average moviegoer. I am not in the ”scene” and have no clue what novel or sci-fi/fantasy author is hot right now. So most of the guests in attendance… I did not know.

However there was one guest that got me all excited. Miltos Yerolemou. Best known for his role as Syrio Forel in the hit series Game of Thrones. We all know Game of Thrones is the best thing on TV since the fucking TV was invented, so any actor from that series, no matter how small his part was, I will want to meet. Syrio Forel was fucking badass. How can you not love Syrio Forel? I was not disappointed. Miltos Yerolemou was the ultimate gentleman, an extremely nice guy, open to meet his fans and clearly happy to be in Luxembourg.


While the venue was the same, (the ”Schungfabrik” in Tétange) there seemed to be a lot more going on than last year. Well one thing is for sure, it was a lot more crowded. A lot. Everybody there seemed to be having a lot of fun, and why shouldn’t they? Nonetheless, and this should not come off as a negative critique, I do feel like they would gain a lot from trying to reach a wider audience, a more diverse crowd so to speak. As it is, the LuxCon is a convention mostly dedicated to all things fantasy and sci-fi. However as a comic book guy and all-around movie addict I kind of feel a tiny bit left aside. There was not enough comic book-related stuff. Not enough bande dessinée stuff. Not enough manga stuff. Again I do understand that I am probably not part of the core target audience. But still a lil’ more comic books for sale and one or two more comic book artists would have been cool. Hell, maybe they should get in touch with yours truly and get some of that much-needed comic book flavor… *wink wink*


What these guys have been doing for two years now is pretty incredible. If creating a gathering like this is pretty tough as it is anywhere in the world, organizing an event like the LuxCon in Luxembourg is a near impossible task. These guys have created something truly unique. Once again they have beaten the odds. Mission accomplished guys.


Now if we could get Stan Lee, Walt Disney and Akira Toriyama as guests for next year, that’d be great. Just kidding… Walt will be enough. Do it. DO IT!

-Paulo Costa-