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As if the fear of catching genital herpes after having sex for the first time with a person you barely know wasn’t enough now you gotta worry about ”it” following you aswell? What’s up with that?!

It is like a virus. A disease. After her latest sex escapade with the new kid in town, Jay Height the embodiment of the girl-next-door is infected with a curse. A sexually transmittable curse that turns her life upside down. Tormented by a seemingly unstoppable, invisible evil force Jay together with her best friends, her very own ”Scooby Gang”, must now find a way to end this most enduring, horrendous curse… or perish by the unforgiving hands of this unknown malevolent force.

It Follows by relative newcomer David Robert Mitchell is taking the horror world by storm… and deservingly so.

David Robert Mitchell created a movie that is as hard to describe as it is impossible to forget. It is mesmerizing. It has a certain vibe, a certain feel to it… a weird feel. I might be wrong, but I can’t shake off the feeling that the director spent hours deciding what object belongs in what room and that everything that is in each and every frame is there for a purpose. The movie has a distinctive look that immerses you into this strange but yet highly familiar world and makes you forget your surroundings in a heartbeat. The movie looks like it could have taken place in the 80s… but then again it doesn’t. It probably makes no sense to you if you haven’t seen It Follows yet but you’ll know immediately what I mean upon watching this soon-to-be cult classic. David Robert Mitchell filming style is impeccable and makes for one hell of a movie experience.

The main actors led by Maika Monroe (The Guest, Flying Monkeys… google that shit up it looks hilarious!!) as Jay, are all great and make it really easy for us to care for each and every character. Okay yes, they are a bit cliché, a bit hipster but that doesn’t make you like ’em any less.

Now what I really liked was the soundtrack. Back in the day horror movie soundtracks were the shizzle! Even totally fucked-up, god-awful movies had great movie themes. Rich Vreeland aka Disasterpeace created a phenomenal musical score that is both eerie an incredibly fitting to the whole vibe of the movie. Instantly memorable and catchy as fuck. I haven’t bought a movie soundtrack in like forever. I am honestly considering purchasing this one. It is that good. Or I’ll just download it illegally… Yeah I think imma do that.

I loved the fact that throughout the whole movie you feel kind of… yeah lost. I had no clue what would happen next and no hints at a possible explanation for the obvious paranormal events are given. The less you know the scarier it gets I guess. Now I am not one who gets scared easily so to me It Follows did not feel like a truly nerve-racking movie à la let’s say The Exorcist. My girlfriend however was scared shitless. ”Do they really have to use that sound…” she repeatedly asked proving once again that an effective soundtrack, especially in a horror movie, is primordial.

I’ve read some mixed reviews online. It Follows is not a movie for everybody, it’s not even a movie for every horror fan, I get that. To me however It Follows is hands down one of the most innovative and creatively interesting American horror movies in recent years.

-Paulo Costa-