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Cédric Poulat is a French artist I have been following for quite some time now. One of my very first paid commissions was a Wonder Woman drawing by Cédric. I just had to own me an original Cédric Poulat piece. Back then he was still doing his own little thing, now he has become a regular cover artist for Dynamite Entertainment. I could not be happier for the guy.

Ladies & gentlemen I give you: Cédric Poulat.

GEEKCITING!: Just recently you started doing covers for American comic book publisher Dynamite Entertainment. Your art now graces the covers of iconic characters such as Vampirella and Lady Demon. How did that come along? Did you approach the guys over at Dynamite Entertainment? Did they approach you?

Cédric Poulat: Actually, one of the editors contacted me via email. She found my stuff on the internet and since I put some kind of watermark on all my drawings you can easily spot my name. Soooo I guess she just googled my name, found my site and then my email address. To be honest I was more or less going to quit art on a professional level. I had spent too many years fighting for nothing… I was really fed up.

GC!: While being a complete artist you are arguably best know for your pin-up work. Why do you think this is the case? Was it a deliberate choice of yours?

CP: Hmm… more or less. Basically at the beginning every girl I tried to draw looked horrible. So I drew them over and over again to succeed and finally be able to draw a character that would actually resemble a woman. Then when I got used to draw women I started to really like doing it, even though drawing women is way harder than drawing men. When I finally started posting my own stuff on the internet I began with pictures of girls. A that time I was in art school and all I wanted to draw whenever I had time to draw for myself were things I couldn’t draw in art school: sexy girls. That being said, I quickly noticed that whatever I would post, the work that would get the most attention were my drawings of women so I kept illustrating them. However that was not a problem for me as women are what I like to draw the most.


GC!: If not mistaken you have already released a couple of sketchbooks on your own. What was the response to them and is there already a new one in the making?

CP: Actually 3 sketchbooks were already released. One every two years (Women in 2010, the P.H.A.T. Sketchbook in 2012 and INKS in 2014). The amount of interest towards these sketchbooks varied quite a bit and they all sold very differently. While I tought that the second one would be easy to sell (it was a full color product) it was actually the one which I sold the least of. INKS sold out very quickly. I am pretty sure making a blank cover, a 4th cover so to speak, which allowed the customers to get an inked sketch, helped a lot in selling INKS. This year I will be releasing INKS2. I still don’t know if I should release RAW at the same time. RAW would feature pencils and sketches while INKS2 would… well that name says it all doesn’t it?

GC!: How hard is it for a French and/or European artist to break into the American comic book market? Your work now being published on American comic books, do you have any advice for up-and-coming European artists trying to reach that ultimate goal?

CP: Because of the internet I’m not sure it is harder to break into the American market if you don’t live in the United States. Of course you have to speak and understand English well enough or find yourself an agent. Maybe the main hurdle is meeting the editors. Marvel and DC for example look at a few portfolios during certain conventions. But you can not send them your stuff via email. Obviously no one can afford to pay for plane trips, hotels and other related stuff for very long. That would be the only problem I see for those living outside the USA. But even for Americans the long distances can become a problem.


GC!: As mentioned before you are now a regular cover artist for Dynamite Entertainment. Are there any plans for you to do interiors aswell?

CP: Maybe. I just don’t want to do a 22 pages monthly book yet. I’m basically more a cover artist than an illustrator. I used to draw 22 pages per month for my own pleasure but I am a bit rusted as I didn’t really do sequential art for a few years now. That being said, I can still produce one pencilled and inked page per day without trouble. I noticed that while doing some samples recently.

GC!: What comic book creator do you feel had the most impact on your own personal work?

CP: It’s hard to name just one because my stuff is the result of me being inspired by several artists. I’ve been following J. Scott Campbell since his early beginnings, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, Frank Cho and obviously Adam Hughes.

GC!: What can our readers expect from you in the near future?

CP: I want to release my own web comic. It takes more time than expected to release but as times passes I get more ideas and get to know my characters better as well. I would like to keep my cover artist job and doing some covers for Marvel and especially DC would be more than welcome.

Now take a good look at the two pictures I posted above and tell me you don’t feel the urge to order yourself your very own commissioned piece of art. If your budget is a little tight right now but you still want to somehow support this incredibly gifted artist you can always contact him via his Facebook page HERE and order one of his gorgeous sketchbooks.

Merci beaucoup Cédric!!

-Paulo Costa-