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Well talk about an original concept! Have you ever been into your local comic book shop and spontaneously decided to get some ink done? Well of course not. A comic book shop is a comic book shop… where you buy comic books right? Well from time to time there is that one comic book shop owner that thinks outside of the box and decides to offer something else, something different to their customers in order to stand out or simply to mix together a few of his dearest passions in life. The Diez-Tres 13ink shop is one of those stores with a very unique concept. There you can satisfy your monthly urge for some comic book goodness AND turn your body into a piece of art! Well fuck me, that’s pretty dope right!? Crazy idea. Crazy is good. Crazy is original. Crazy is the antithesis of boring. Me likes crazy.


I first heard of the 13ink shop when I read somewhere online that they were organizing the first Free Comic Book Day here in Luxembourg. FCBD in Luxembourg?! Well it might sound like peanuts for some of you spoiled brats that get to experience events like this on a weekly basis, but for us geeks living in Luxembourg this was pretty huge. The Diez-Tres 13ink shop is the only store in Luxembourg participating in events like the FCBD and are always present at conventions and/or festivals that celebrate all things geek. I honestly believe that they deeply love what they are doing on a daily basis as they seemingly will stop at nothing when it comes to promote this culture we all care for so much.


So what can you get in this most uncommon of shops? Well all that what your heart desires. Comic books (in English and in German), manga, action figurines, statues, card games, clothes… did I forget something? I probably did, and they probably have it. As with most comic book shops in Europe the Diez-Tres 13ink store is limited in space in comparison to some humongously huge shops in the States but it still remains a perfectly sized very well organized and stylish little shop that should appeal to most comic book aficionados. Also the people working there are extremely nice and polite which of course never hurts.


If you live in or around Esch in Luxembourg you don’t need me to tell you to go visit the fine folks at the Diez-Tres 13ink shop. You’ve probably been there before and will continue to. Hell I’ve probably run across you during this year’s Halloween ComicFest. To all of you that have never been to the shop before… what the fuck are you waiting for?

28 Rue Dicks
L-4081 Esch-sur-Alzette – Luxembourg

-Paulo Costa-