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Summer. After a seemingly never-ending and exhausting year the gods had mercy on my soul and released me into my well-deserved and much anticipated summer vacation. Fuck yeah! This year we decided to visit the beautiful city of Lisbon, capital of the country that saw my parents born and their parents before them. It is a city as magnificent as they come and well deserving of the explosing touristic expansion it is undergoing lately.


Before leaving I did what I always do before I take my bags and jump into the next plane flying me into the sweetness known by the name of ”vacation”. I googled. Yes, I googled. I searched for any and every possible cool geeky place, museum or shop I could visit and afterwards, if I happen to like what  I see, put a few words together so I can introduce it to you guys on the blog. That’s just how I am, always thinking about my fellow geeks and geekettes. Ok I am lying. I’m doing it for myself. I’m weak like that. I need my geeky fix no matter where I am in the world. Lo and behold I found me a pretty sweet shop I judged worthy of y’alls attention.


BdMania is a small but extremely charming comic book store situated right in the heart of Lisbon. They carry pretty much everything one could expect from a store like this. It is a typical comic book shop but of course trimmed down in size like a thousand times. After all it is still Portugal we are talking about. The biggest surprise to me while digging through the different books the shop had to offer was that most of the products they had for sale were in English. Pretty damn cool to know a shop like this can exist in Portugal.


I’m glad I choose the BdMania store as the shop I wanted to visit in Lisbon and write about on the blog. They had tons of cool stuff and I could have spent hours in there. I’m even happier I choose this particular store knowing that  the seller in the shop (probably the owner) is a pretty cool guy. I only talked with him for a short moment (mostly about the blog) but he was incredibly polite and extremely nice. Makes it even easier for me to promote a store like this on my blog.


All in all I have to say that the BdMania store is a very cool place to visit if you ever decide to take a trip to Lisbon. This will not remain my last visit to Lisbon. Nor will it be my last visit to this most appealing shop.

Rua das Flores, 71
1200-194 Lisbon – Portugal

-Paulo Costa-