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As far back as I can remember I have always had a passion for comic books. I still, to this day, like to look back and think about those great times where I sat at home waiting for my brother to arrive from school hoping that he might have bought a new comic book. Aaahh those were the times.

The thing is back then, or at least to us, comic books were rarer than a Marvel book without Wolverine in it. All we got were German imports and most of the time it was Spider-Man, X-Men or The Avengers. We did however from time to time manage to find a copy of the now legendary Wizard Magazine. So we did know there was more. Much much more. Even though we didn’t get much we were happy with what we found for we thought that it was all we could ever get living in Luxembourg. Man were we wrong.


One fine day a friend of mine told me about a shop in Luxembourg City he had heard about. A shop for people like me he said. A shop for geeks he said. The following week I took the train to the city and after looking for it for what felt like ages I finally found it. The Fantasybox. Geek heaven in Luxembourg. I went in and had a boner for the rest of the week.


So here it was, this small but oh so awesomely geeky shop. They have everything you could ever wish for and then some. Figurines, monthly comics, BDs, board and card games, graphic novels & of course manga. There is something for everybody. And if they happen to not have it in stock they’ll gladly order it for you.


I’ve been a loyal customer for almost ten years now, and in those ten years I’ve seen employees come and go. Some less qualified than others I might add. The dynamic duo currently working in the shop however are a perfect match. They not only know their stuff they are also extremely helpful and a blast to talk to. No matter how many clients they have at the shop, no matter how much you actually purchase they’ll always take a couple of minutes to talk to you. Great folks. These guys are just like you and me. A bunch of geeks. They know their stuff and will be a huge help if you’re looking for something specific.


So if you ever happen to visit the beautiful city of Luxembourg don’t forget to go visit the Fantasybox and say hi. Oh and tell them I sent you. I might get some free shit. Or not.

Avenue du X Septembre 140
2550 Merl/Belair – Luxembourg City – Luxembourg

-Paulo Costa-