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Art is what you make of it. My hunger for the so-called 9ième art, the art of telling the most diverse stories combined with the artistic chops of a truly devoted penciller will never be satisfied. Not Your Momma’s Art! aims to solidify the thought that people working on comic books, manga or/and BDs are, despite all the prejudices, artists at their purest form. Commissions and sketches not only allow the artists to go nuts but also give them the opportunity to show off their artistic skills on characters they might never have worked on before. The best part of NYMA! is that most of the art shown below are commissions owned by yours truly, friends or people of my entourage so chances are you’ve never seen the art shown below.

(If you are the artist of one of the below shown pieces and don’t want your art to be featured on this blog, drop me a note and I’ll gladly remove it for you.)

nova geekciting

Nova. Not Nino. Nova. By the amazingly talented French artist Vinz El Tabanas. Be prepared for more of this guy’s work to be featured on this blog and believe me when I tell you that the piece I’ll be posting on the next installment of NYMA! will be nothing short of jaw-dropping.

green lantern geekciting

Green Lantern sketch by Kevin Enhart on his sketchbook Girls, Girls, Girls (and a few boys!). Dope!

batman geekciting

Batman by the Luxembourgian sensation ND! aka Andy Genen. In case you are wondering, the little fella below Batman is a character created by Andy Genen himself for his comic book De roude Puma.

flash geekciting

The Flash. By Maxime Garbarini. Oh boy I had a blast at the Comic Con’ Paris 2013.

cap geekciting

Wait what?! Another Luxembourg-based artist! Captain America by Anthony Darr.

-Paulo Costa-